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Svea Rike

December 10, 2012

Based on a popular board game, Svea Rike was released in 1997 by Paradox Interactive, Korkeken and Levande Böcker in order to educate Swedish history to the country’s citizens in a fun and exciting way. Although Svea Rike is completely in Swedish, the game deserves a huge mention as it is the forefather of known Paradox games including Victoria, Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, etc. For this reason we chose to record a commentary walkthrough so that the rest of the world can enjoy this nordic classic.

Svea Rike starts in 1523 where the king Gustav Wasa has just broken loose from the Danes and liberated the kingdom of Sweden. By choosing one of five different clans, the player will determine the fate of the country for the next 300 years when the game ends. Furthermore, several endings do occur depending on how many Honor Points have been acquired throughout Svea Rike. These Points are gathered if you upgrade buildings, hire personnel, buy/conquer provinces and more.

The Different clans you could choose from including their starting perk are the following:

Tre Rosor:

Regiment Level 2 | 2000 Cavalry | 2000 Infantry


Trade Level 2 | 50 Iron | 50 Food


Farming Level 3


250 Silver


Diplomacy Level 2 | 100 Silver

The best Strategy in Svea Rike is that of a ruthless, but patient kind. Build your army until it is fit for invasion and upgrade the diplomacy in order to save silver when war is declared. Denmark has many valuable provinces, so it is probably best to set the focus in the west, whilst keeping an eye on the Russians as they tend to build massive armies towards the end. Always stay one step ahead and be very frugal with the silver you earn from mini games. Having played Svea Rike many times will give you a great advantage in terms of timing and knowledge of bad versus good events. Watch this commentary walkthrough and you will get an idea of the strategy that I used to become king of Sweden.

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