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MegaMan X

August 17, 2012

After a number of outstanding MegaMan games on the NES, Capcom brought us MegaMan X which is a little twist to the beloved series including a fresh story set up in the future. The controls are upgraded whilst the acclaimed in-game music and level design make MegaMan X an awesome retro experience.

Controlling X:

Move X with the D-Pad just as any other SNES game.  When close to a wall, press against it to slide down slowly and jump to the opposite wall to zigzag upwards. Use the B-button to jump and Y to fire the X-buster. Holding it for a few seconds will charge it up and create a powerful blast. This weapon has three levels and X will have to search for hidden upgrades in order to increase the damage. Press A to dash, but an upgrade is needed before this is possible.

Press the X-button to return to your buster after using an acquired enemy weapon. The sub-screen menu is accessed with Start and here you have the opportunity to change between weapons obtained from a boss fight. Reenergize X with a sub-tank (up to 4) and exiting the current level (if previously beaten) can be done from this view and you will also be able to check how many extra lives that are left. Press L or R to quickly switch weapons.


PROLOGUE – Highway Stage:

The highway stage is very straight-forward. Some basic enemies will be encountered as well as a mini boss. The giant bees, also known as B-bladers, are very weak and a fully charged X-buster against these foes is a time waster.  Shooting them repeatedly until they come too close is a good strategy as they will be destroyed on their own. Climb through the wall by jumping while sliding and eventually you will come to another B-Blader. Destroy it and advance. The bots in the cars are fun and creative enemies. Destroy one partially and it will be possible to take a soothing joyride.

Boss: Mech Armor Vile

Vile is too strong and way more powerful than X at this time. Blast him all you want, but it will still be impossible to defeat him. After your life bar is low, Vile is ready to crush little X until Zero appears! This maverick hunter and ally saves X just in time. After a little chat with him, the prologue stage is over and the famous stage select sequence is accessible.

Chapter 1: Chill Penguin

There are different strategies that can be used in order to ease the ride towards beating MegaMan X, but in this walkthrough we have chosen the Chill Penguin stage to start with. Kill the rabbits and avoid the axemen that can be a pain. Mind the wasp bots too. Just keep going and once inside the fortress, use your wall-climbing technique to reach the top of the section.

There will be a capsule which Dr. Light left for X before he passed away! By walking inside, the dash ability is obtained by pressing A or pressing twice in the direction you want to slide. You may also press B and A to make a slide-jump, a technique which will be used quite frequently later in the game.

Soon enough you can find a Mech Armor. Advance through the lower part of the stage, which is a bit tougher, or go on top of the roof by pressing Up and B to jump off the Mech Armor in time. You will shortly come to a locked door where the boss is lurking.

Boss: Chill Penguin

Chill Penguin has a really easy pattern to learn. He will try to body slam into X by jumping or launching his ice attack and here is where he is vulnerable. Just climb on the walls to avoid him and then execute a good blast. When Ice penguins appear it is utmost important to evade them as they will freeze you upon impact. From time to time he will hang in the hook on top. At this point, shoot him by wall climbing and charging your X-buster. After you defeat him X will acquire Shotgun Ice which is a great weapon against Spark Mandrill.

Chapter 2: Boomer Kuwanger

This stage is really fun, challenging and introduces a lot of new enemies. It is some sort of tower, so get ready for excessive jumping practice. Right after the start you will come to a section full of Laser-beams. Try not to touch them as enemies will start shooting at you. Keep tapping the fire-button when facing the turtle enemies and destroy the missiles they throw at you.

After a while, X will come to a self-scrolling section. Avoid the incoming spikes and defeat the enemies. Climb the ladders until a heart is sighted. At this point in time it is not possible to reach it, so we will have to return later. Defeat the enemies on the platforms, keep heading upwards and shortly you will face this stage’s boss.

Boss: Boomer Kuwanger

This boss is a little tricky. He throws a horn-helmet boomerang which hits hard. Just avoid it by wall climbing and the boss will eventually teleport through the room. Just shoot a fully charged X-buster from one side of the screen to the other and Kuwanger is stunned. He may also slide to tackle you, which is a quite devastating attack. Wall climb to avoid it and keep firing fully charged X-Busters. The Boomerang Cutter is obtained once finished and is excellent against Sting Chameleon.

Chapter 3: Sting Chameleon

The woods are swarming with bots from Sigma, but killing them should not be a problem. You will shortly come to a cliff which has a pit under it. Later on, we will have to return to this point and obtain a heart upgrade. Climb through the wall to the section above and a mini boss will appear. He is pretty easy, just avoid the gigantic claw and shoot him with a fully loaded buster. Wall climbing is useless as he will slam himself to the wall and knock you down. Another capsule left by doctor Light is up for grabs once the foe is defeated.

This capsule will give you a body armor upgrade which will reduce all damage by 50%. Proceed through the lower section of the stage and onward. You will find a Mech Armor, just make sure to blast the enemy rider before taking it or it will be a bit of a pain to defeat him. After passing through a swamp, the boss is awaiting.

Boss: Sting Chameleon

Sting chameleon is the easiest bot ever with the right weapon. Shoot a boomerang cutter, turn around, shoot another one and repeat until he is defeated. If this is done constantly he will not disappear, but if he does, just wait for him to come back and hit him with the aforementioned method. He will use his tongue to climb the ceiling whilst spikes will drop from the sky. Sting Chameleon may also use his weapon which is really easy to avoid. The weapon obtained from this boss is the Chameleon Sting, which is Storm Eagles’ weakness.

Chapter 4: Storm Eagle

The sky stage can be a bit of a hassle. Do not despair if you fall down, just write down the password and retry again. Climb the platforms and avoid the pit. If caught by the sky claws, simply charge the X-buster and fire away. Keep going to the right and when you come to the flamethrowers, destroy them, and climb through the platforms that go to the left. Break the visible glass with a single buster shot and go inside. Here you will find an energy sub-tank (1/4) which lets X store residual energy in a tank. This is accessed through the sub-screen and can be filled with an energy pellet.

Keep heading right, dispose of the flamethrowers and climb their platforms. Eventually you will come to a huge structure made of wireframe. Drop onto it and equip the shotgun ice. Blast the fire tanks with it and another armor upgrade is up for grabs. This helmet is vital; it allows X to destroy blocks with a head-butt. Keep going to the right and an air fortress will appear.

Boss: Storm Eagle

Equip your Chameleon sting, shoot him and win. Done! He will first shoot a Storm Tornado which you can avoid by dashing forward as you shoot him. He will then fly into the sky and launch a dive attack. Evade him as you fire the C-Sting. Sometimes, he may throw an egg with spawnlings inside that do not cause much damage at all, so ignore these unless you have a really low health bar. Once defeated, you will be rewarded the Storm Tornado, which is Flame Mammoth’s weakness

Chapter 5: Flame Mammoth

After defeating Chill Penguin, this stage has become a wasteland of icy coldness. This makes it easier than ever. Slide through the fabric, grab the energy pellet and get ready to make a leap of faith. You will reach a section of some suspicious bricks placed by the ceiling. Slide jump from the platform to the right and destroy the bricks by a simple wall climbing. Above lies a Capsule left by Dr. Light. This capsule will grant MegaMan a level 3 X-buster upgrade, which lets him charge all gathered Maverick weapons simultaneously to fire a combined buster version.

After having obtained the buster of pure awesomeness, go to the right and dash under the miners to get a heart piece. Then climb to the top left wall and grab another energy sub-tank. When you come to the section with green pipes you may pass through it faster using a fully loaded booster with C-Sting. This will make you invincible for a while, which will come in handy later in the game.

Boss: Flame Mammoth

Flame mammoth is no problem at all with the right weapons. Equip your boomerang cutter to slash his trunk apart. This will stop him from shaking the ground as well as tossing oil to form deadly fire pillars. Attack him heavily with Storm Tornado and he will bite the dust in no time. Once down, the Fire Wave upgrade is obtained and is Chill Penguin’s weakness.

Chapter 6: Spark Mandrill

When Storm Eagle was beaten, his ship crashed right into this stage which makes it easier to clear. MegaMan will shortly come to an energy sub-tank which seems to be unreachable. Use your B-cutter to obtain it, then return and climb through the ladders to proceed. Blast the enemies and try to get as much energy as you can.

There is a section which has a lot of ostriches and light wasps in it and after passing through this segment and going down the ladders you will face a mini boss. Its weakness is Storm tornado. Go to the right and keep in mind that there is a heart here, where the lights go out. Make a dash jump from the wall and you will get it.

Boss: Spark Mandrill

This boss is a joke if its weakness weapon is used. Equip Shotgun Ice, shoot Mandrill and he will become frozen. Shoot again when he frees himself and repeat until victory is assured. If he tackles to you and for some reason you are no able to freeze him, just wall jump and then dash jump passed him. He might throw some Electric Sparks that go through the walls, ceiling and floors of the room. These, however, are not going to appear if the Shotgun Ice is used properly. Electric Spark is Armored Armadillo’s weakness and is collected here.

Chapter 7: Armored Armadillo

This stage is fast paced and has lots of enemies. If you need to recharge your sub-tanks, this one is the best choice. Start by climbing the cart, blast the foes and as soon as you shoot an ostrich, dash jump forward. Destroy the bat bots, drop down and grab the wall, equip your flame wave and let the tank pass, then return and take the last sub-tank. Keep advancing to the right and fill that tank by killing enemies and acquiring their energy. You will eventually come to a pit, drop down and to the left. Use Flame Wave to destroy the tank and claim the secret heart to increase your health. Climb onto the trolley and let the birds pass through before dash jumping to safety.

Boss: Armored Armadillo

Not as easy as most bosses! Armored Armadillo will charge to you covered in his Rolling shield. Energize your X-buster and unload a fully charged Electric Spark on him to remove his shield. He is quite weak when charging, so shoot him and repeat the method until he dies. The Rolling Shield is Launch Octopus’ Weakness.

Chapter 8: Launch Octopus

This stage is pretty long and under water.  As you go through the stage you will soon find a submarine mini boss. When it sucks you in, simply dash in the opposite direction and then use Storm tornado to defeat it. After this section you first encounter some chubby fish which are easily eradicated and eventually another submarine will appear. Destroy it, keep going to the right and you will find a tornado-generating machine. Climb the second tornado to get to a whale-looking ship. Finish the ship in order to face a secret mini boss.

Go all the way to the right after falling to the bottom and avoid the spike pits. The mini boss only needs one blast of Storm Tornado to the head to die. Retrieve the visible heart piece! Afterwards, head back and continue right and you will find another mini boss, which can be killed by using the same strategy.

Boss: Launch Octopus

Start by cutting his tentacles with the Boomerang Cutters. If not done quickly, he will create a whirlpool that spins and pulls you forward. Dash to avoid it if this happens. Equip your rolling shield and wall climb whilst firing. Remember that the shield will be disabled by the missiles Octopus shoots. After defeating him you will get the homing missile, which is Boomer Kuwanger’s weakness.

Chapter 9: Item Clean up!

After the Great Eight are defeated, MegaMan X has some traveling to do in order to become even more powerful. If you forgot something or an item was not accessible earlier, this is the chance to get it, but also to fill your sub-tanks. Remember that you can exit the stage at any time by using the Escape Capsule in the sub-screen. If you have followed this guide to this point, you will have to visit the following stages before heading to Sigma’s Fortress:

Chill Penguin

The heart piece is hidden after getting the mech armor. Destroy the tanks by using fire.

Sting Chameleon

The pit with the bricks before getting the armor is now full of water. Destroy the bricks and make a dash jump to get to the heart piece.

Boomer Kuwanger

At the end of the stage you can reach the heart piece by using boomerang cutter.

You now have all the helpful items to stand a chance against Sigma. This will grant X more hit points than all bosses.

Secret Chapter: Hadouken

At this point, the Hadouken upgrade is available. This is a really powerful weapon that will let you kill any enemy with only one hit. In order to get this imba weapon, you need six or more lives and pass through the Armored Armadillo stage four times. When the end of the stage is reached you will have to grab the last energy pellet at full health. After doing this, exit the level. The fourth time a Capsule containing  Hadouken will appear. Press the QCF sequence followed by Y to fire the Hadouken. This can only be done when X has full energy and the blast will slay all enemies (even sigma) on one hit.

Chapter 10: Sigma

X-1 Outside and first section:

Sigma’s Fortress is really long. Make your way through the outside part of the fortress by blasting enemies, turtles, and flying things. No big deal! Climb the platform to enter the first part of the fortress, after advancing a couple of sections with ladders you will come to a boss door and a familiar face will appear.

Boss: Vile

Vile appears and Zero tries to fight him, but unfortunately Vile is too strong. Just like in the prologue stage, fighting the mech armor is impossible. Zero will sacrifice himself and allow you to fight fair. Vile is really fast, but he is not a tough enemy without his gear. Equip your electric spark and shoot him with either normal beams or fully charged Electric Spark busters. After he is destroyed, there is a quite dramatic moment with Zero. After this, proceed through the stage and you will eventually reach a tradition in MegaMan games – the bosses come back once again. Boomer Kuwanger returns for revenge! Defeat him by using the Homing Missile. Keep advancing and you will encounter the final boss of this section.

Boss: Bospider

Bospider has four vines that he uses to try to crash into you. When he is on the floor, make sure to fully energize the X-Buster and blast the sucker. Repeat this for a couple of times until the spider is defeated. From time to time he will try to shoot some spawnlings that annoy the hell out of most players. Either ignore them or send them packing! After the destruction of Bospider, X will return to the base and have the opportunity to reload energy to sub-tanks at the Armored Armadillo Stage.

X-2 Inside the fortress:

More enemies and platforms! At this point the dash jumping ability should be mastered. Use C-Sting on sections that may seem difficult, but try not to waste it, as R-Shield is an option too. After a while you will face Chill Penguin. He is even easier this time since you possess the Fire Wave. Defeat him, advance through the stage, get in the mech armor and defeat enemies to get life and weapon energy. Storm Eagle appears once again but should oppose no trouble. It does not end here though, a new boss would like to make life miserable for X.

Boss: Rangda Bangda

Wall sliding is the key here. Equip storm tornado and shoot Rangda’s eyes, when the walls close, aim for the nose. There are three different colors the eyes may get. Blue charges at you slowly while Green fires little beams. Red eye does a combination of both. When Rangda Bangda is dealt with, visit Armored Armadillo’s stage if needed to load sub-tanks.

X-3 All Mavericks

And again, MegaMan delivers when it comes to great gaming music and Armored Armadillo is eagerly waiting to get owned early in this stage. Defeat him with electric spark and advance to yet another boss fight – Chameleon Sting. Equip the boomerang cutter and show him who is the real boss. Proceed throughout the stage and Spark Mandrill would like a beating as well. Freeze him to death and keep going, there are a few mavericks left.

Guess who is next when the stage is filled with water? Launch Octopus! Briefly use the boomerang and then shield him to death. Proceed to find Flame Mammoth. Cut his trunk off if you want and Tornado him out of existence for good. The endless fighting is closing in to its end…

Boss: D-Rex

D-Rex is some sort of a tank dinosaur. It can be quite tricky and the best strategy on this boss is the use of dashing. Equip electric spark, use fully loaded X-busters or Boomerang cutters. Both weapons inflict a lot of damage. Keep in mind that the lower part of the enemy is invulnerable whereas the top is not. After you are done with D-Rex you can select to go to any stage again. Thus, you can reload at Armored Armadillo, but it is probably not necessary at this point.

X-4 Final Showdown

As you enter this stage, fully charge the X-buster and use Rolling shield. Enemies will appear from the ventilation tubes so that you can refill weapons or life energy. Keep wall climbing upwards and Sigma is sighted. After a short dialog he will not fight you, but sends Velgauder  –  his guard dog.


This doggy can cause some trouble. Fully load the X-buster and shoot him as he pounces and he will be knocked back. Keep avoiding his pouncing pattern and occasional flame attacks, as well as his ice. Wall climbing and dashing are great tricks to evade incoming assaults. Once defeated, Sigma appears once again.


Sigma is incredibly fast and has an unforgiving pattern that takes a while to learn. He will dash towards you, so equip electric spark and shoot him when he is not covering himself with his light saber. As he dashes to hit you, avoid him by wall jumping. When he is low in health he will fire beams from the crystal in his head. Keep blasting him and further avoid his dashes and eventually he will be defeated.

Sigma Velgauder

After defeating Sigma, his head will fly into a giant-sized Velgauder. Two claws will appear and serve as platforms to reach the head. Be careful as thunder comes from top and bottom of these claws. Sigma will shoot thunder balls from his mouth as well as an occasional fire wave. Try shooting his head with rolling shield whilst avoiding all of these attacks. After emptying your Rolling shield he will most likely be defeated, if not just unload the fully charged X-buster to his head.

Alright, MegaMan X is completed! This retro game offered a new dimension of the MegaMan series back in the day and the Super Nintendo console certainly contributed to this. The gaming experience took an incredible turn with new weapons, secrets, bosses and story. For all of you that never got to play this classic game when it reached the height of its popularity, there are still few games that can match MegaMan X’s qualities in both entertainment and player skill.

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