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Mario 64

June 20, 2012

This retro game defines a whole new era in the gaming community. Mario 64 is regarded one of the most intuitive games ever created. Crystal crisp graphics, amazing controllers and a simple premise provided gamers on the Nintendo 64 release with a truly staggering classic. Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator) himself told the world that Mario 64 had the aim to make professional gamers challenged and to offer casual gamers the entertainment of watching Mario run around. A game for everyone, completed with funny music and familiar locations; everything bundled together in a 64 Mbit cartridge with hours and hours of play time and puzzles.

Controlling Mario:

Simply grab the N64 controller for 5 seconds and you will get an idea of how to guide Mario. Use the stick to move around; the harder you press the stick in a direction the faster he will run. Press A to Jump. You may do a triple jump by moving forward and pressing the jump button in succession after landing. Flick the stick to the opposite direction from where you are running to do a flipside jump, which helps you reach a higher altitude than normal jumps. If standing still, you can only double jump as opposed to triple jumping.

Press B to Attack! A 3-hit combo can be executed when standing up. If moving, you can simply dive forward to grab an enemy or a pole. B can be pressed while jumping in order to kick, unless you are falling in which case you will dive. Hold Z to duck. Carry out a back flip by ducking and jumping simultaneously. If you are running and pressing Z and A you will jump forward and gain a lot of speed. Hold Z and B and you will do a sweeping kick, but doing this while moving you will execute a sweeping kick and a slide. Jump and press Z and you will stomp hard on the ground, which is a good way to deal with many enemies.

Use the C buttons to move Lakitu (the camera man) around. Press R to fix the camera onto a location so it does not move. It can create some nifty takes or help you keep track of something important. Press L to change the camera from chasing the action (Lakitu) and following you (Mario).

The game itself:

Mario 64 has 120 stars. You only need 70 to complete the game. There are three secret switches that provide you with power up caps; you do not need them to complete it either. However, there are three main bosses who you will have to defeat to finish the game. There is a cannon on most levels, but it is not necessary to utilize it in order to grab the stars. Mario is a game created so well that if you think creatively, you can acquire many stars without using the “obvious” way of finding them. In this walkthrough we will cover all the stars and how to get them – with style of course!

Bob-Omb Battleground:

Star 1: Defeat the Bob-omb King!

The bob-omb battleground has no difficulties at all beyond the chained chomp chomp and the water bombs falling down constantly. There is a path that leads you straight to the top of the summit where the king bob-omb waits for you. To defeat him, just go behind him and grab him. Throw him forward but never out of the summit. Do this three times and the star is yours.

Star 2: Footrace with Koopa the (not so) quick!

Koopa the Quick is swift; you will have to follow the path to get to the top of the summit before he gets there (one minute and 25 seconds). Follow the path, but do not use teleports or warps. He will give you the star when he is beaten.

Star 3: Shoot to the island in the sky!

Talk to the pink bob-omb and he will activate the cannons on the stage. Advance to the area just prior to where the chained chomp is situated. There is a cannon there; grab it and shoot to the floating island. Here you will find a yellow box with a star.

Star 4 & 5: Red Coins/100 Coins!

8 red coins will give you a star from the star marker each level. 100 coins will give you a star once per level, so grab them all together if you want to complete the stage in style while saving some extra time. Remember that the 100 coins star will not take you out of the level, so grab it alongside any other star.

1: On the platforms after the first bridge.

2: Near the cannon before the chained chomp.

3: On the island in the sky, on top of the three.

4: On top of the chained chomp trunk.

5: On the way up to the summit on a steep cliff.

6: On the lower part of the level, by the cellar next to the 1-up.

7: Near the star marker.

8: Near the star marker.

Star 6: Mario Wings to the Sky!

On this star you might want to wait until you grab the red cap. Just get to the island in the sky and shoot yourself into the ring of coins. First, try to aim so the topmost coin is shown slightly on the lower edge of the cannon, then aim straight for the top coin and lastly for the coin in the middle. It takes a bit longer longer this way but you do not need to return after you are done.

Star 7: Free the Chomp!

Get to where the chained chomp is and stomp on its trunk three times, which will free him. In response to your gratitude, he destroys the gate where the star is contained.

Secret Castle Stars:

There are some stars in the castle that Bowser could not find (12 in total).

Princess Secret Slide:

Right after you obtain one star, this hidden area will be available. There is a door with a star mark on the top right part of the first room in the castle. Inside are three stained-glass windows that have the shape of princess Toadstool. Get on the one of the right and you will access the Princess Secret Slide! Defeat it under 21 seconds and you will acquire a star! Return once more and you will get another one.

Fortress of Whomps:

Star 1: Finish the boss!

You have to get to the top of the flying fortress in order to find a huge whomp. It will challenge you to a duel, so be prepared! Simply avoid him as he tries to slam into you and then smash him by pressing A+Z. After three hits, he succumbs and gives you a star!

Star 2: To the Top of the Fortress!

Follow the same path as before to get to the top of the fortress. Now, there will be a tower. Climb it and the star will be on top.

Star 3: Shoot Shoot!

There are two different ways to grab this one. Talk to the pink bob-omb and shoot to the pole on the right side of the cannon, then grab the star. You may also wall kick your way to this place. It takes some time but it is easy once you have mastered wall kicks.

Star 4 & 5: Red coins/100 coins!

1: On the sliding panels.

2: On top of the blue thwomp.

3: Behind the piranha plant.

4: Near the next piranha plan.

5: On the rotating bridge.

6: Underneath the rotating bridge.

7: On the floating islands (kick the huge plank to get to them).

8: On the floating islands.

Star 6: An Owl Friend Comes By!

Climb the tree at the start of the stage and an owl will appear. Follow its shadow and jump; do not let go of A and it will fly you up, up and away. Wait until you are near the caged star and then grab it.

Star 7: Kaboom!

Go to the cannon, aim for the right side of the rotating bridge and use yourself as a cannon ball! Destroy the wall and take the star.

Castle Secret Stars:

Red Switch Star:

Right after you get your 10th star you will see a white light coming to the middle of the first room of the castle. Just stand on the sun on the floor and press C-up twice to look up. You will start flying up with your flying cap! Float through the stage and grab the red coins and a star will appear on the nearby star marker.

Jolly Roger Bay:

Star 1: Mario as Bait!

Time to get wet! Go ahead and get into the water, swim forward and then dive into the middle of the stage where you will see a sunken ship. There is an eel in the window. Let Mario appear as a tasty bait in front of it and then swim up. Go back and enter the ship. There are four chests; open them, but try to do it in the right order (north first, then east, then west and lastly south). The ship will float upwards, so swim up and grab the star!

Star 2: Mario as Bait, Revisited!

The eel has found a new home near the area where the sunken ship once was. Repeat the same procedure as the last time and the star will be situated on the tail of the eel.

Star 3: Spelunking Time!

Go back to the place where the sunken ship once was. There you will find a cave. Get inside and avoid the pillars! Four chests are positioned here. Use the same method as the first star and grab it!

Star 4 & 5: Red Coins/100 Coins!

1: Underwater, near the cannon, inside the shells.

2: Underwater, inside the shells.

3: Underwater, inside the shells.

4: On the pillar next to the pink bob-omb.

5: Next to the jet stream.

6: On top of the ship.

7: On top of the ship.

8: On top of the ship.

Star 6: Shooting Skills:

Get into the cannon and shoot to the pillar to the right, jump to the platform nearby and take the star! It cannot get any easier!

Star 7: Through the Jet Stream!

Despite of popular belief, you can actually swim to get this star. Just aim for it, keep swimming and eventually you will have it. Furthermore, you may also wait until you get the green cap. Take it at the cave nearby and drop into the jet stream.

Castle Secret Stars:

There are two secret rooms where the third level is. After finishing all the stars there, you will be able to enter Bowser’s Aquarium by accessing the right room. Grab the coins and take the star from the star marker.

Cool Cool Mountain:

Star 1: Slide Away!

Get into the cabin, slide and have some fun! Lots of it! Get the coins to receive an extra life or try to follow the secret path to acquire two. Once the bottom has been reached, get out of the cabin to accumulate yet another star!

Star 2: Reuniting the Family!

There is a penguin chillin’ on top of the mountain. Get a hold of it, enter the cabin and follow the path down the cool, cool mountain. Once you reach the bridge, cross it, take a leap of faith and leave the cabin on the bottom of the mountain. Get closer to the penguin mom and she will hand over a star!

Star 3: Big Penguin Race!

Get into the Cabin again. There will be a huge penguin there. Talk to him and he will challenge you to a race. Accept and slide down, making sure to avoid any shortcuts and simply finish before of him.

Star 4 & 5: Red Coins/100 Coins!

Coin 1: Top of the tree, near the cabin.

Coin 2: Top of the tree, on the bottom side of the slide.

Coin 3: On the bottom of the mountain after the bridges.

Coin 4: On the bridges at the bottom of the mountain.

Coin 5: Jumping from the slide, by the opening, behind an ice block.

Coin 6: Sliding down, nearby the snowman head.

Coin 7: On the elevator.

Coin 8: On the bridge right next to the star marker.

Tip: Get to the slide after receiving the first coin so this route makes sense.

Star 6: Head Sliding!

Get to the top of the cabin and then jump to the slide, talk to the snowman’s body. Slide down and you will eventually find its head. Just wait for it to roll and form a snowman; you will get a star as a reward!

Star 7: Spin, Spin, Kick, Kick!

There are two ways to get this one. Talk to the pink bob-omb and fire towards the other side of the stage; wall kick to get the star. Alternatively, you can go to where the snowman’s head is and jump into a shy guy. This will cause Mario to start spinning and be able to reach the other side of the mountain. Again, utilize the wall kick to take the star!

Big Boo’s Haunt:

To find this level, go to the doors that have no stars on them. Here you will find a long hall with a boo. Follow it to eventually come across a patio. Find a boo that reveals a cage instead of a coin, hit it when it does not look in Mario’s way and make a jump nearby.

Star 1: Boo Slaying!

Just get inside the big haunted house and get into every room possible. Find the boos (and drink it… just kidding… or am I?) and hit them. The big boo will appear after defeating them all. Hit it three times and grab the reward.

Star 2: Catchy Music!

Get to the house to the left and ignore the huge eye, get down the elevator and follow the music. Once you reach the merry go round, slay all the boos and a another big boo will appear. Three hits are enough to secure the star.

Star 3: Haunted Books!

Enter the big haunted house and go upstairs, get into the door on the right and you will get inside a library. Follow the path; kick the book on top, then the one on the bottom and finally the one on middle. A sliding door will open, containing the treasure.

Star 4 & 5: Red Coins/100 Coins!

1: Behind the spooky piano.

2: On top of the bookshelves.

3: On top of the bookshelves.

4: In the room with the pit leading to the merry go round.

5: On top of the room with the lonely eye.

6: In the coffins.

7: In the fake floor room.

8: In the coffins.

Star 6: The Balcony!

Get to the place where the fake floor is and then wall kick close to lamp. There is a secet room above which leads to the balcony. Face the big boo, hit it three times and then carefully get to the top of the haunted house to reach the star!

Star 7: Eye on Eye on Eye!

Go to the room where you fought the big boo on the balcony, grab the blue cap before entering through the wall with the shy boo. Eventually you will find a huge eye. Defeat it and grab yet another star!

Before getting the seventh star, however, a couple of things need to be completed…

Defeating Bowser in the Dark World:

Get to the main area and go to the room with the huge star. There will be a painting of Peach; walk up to it… it is a trap! Trapdoors will open and take you to the dark world. This place is quite easy. It features some nasty falls though. Gather the 8 red coins to obtain a secret star!

1: Right as you start, there is a switch, get the floating coin.

2: Return a bit to grab another coin at the beginning of the stage.

3: Behind the crystals.

4: On the sliding platform.

5: On the rotating platforms.

6: On the lonely platforms where the spinning electric sphere is.

7: Right before Bowser’s warp pipe, climb to the top of it.

8: On the last pathway, next to the platform that goes up and down.

Bowser, First Encounter:

Well, the artwork says it all! Get behind Bowser, press B to grab his tail and throw him at one of the mines. Do this once and he is defeated! Remember to avoid the fire breath.

Castle Secret Stars, Blue switch:

After defeating Bowser you will get a key. Go to the basement and then find a door with water on it. Swim a bit and eventually you will encounter two pillars. Stomp on them by pressing A+Z, go outside the steel door and you will be back outside the castle. Find a hole in the floor, which was previously covered by a grid and get into it. The blue switch stage has a star marker and 8 coins. They are on the slide and cannot be missed as you go through the level. Press the switch, grab the cap and then get the star!

Secret Castle Stars:

Once you hit the basement, a golden rabbit will be visible. Follow this little rascal around and try to catch it! It will give you a star! Furthermore, before entering the Hazy Maze Puddle (inside the puddle, behind the door with the star on it), talk to Toad to receive yet another easy reward.

Hazy Maze:

Star 1: Nessie and I!

Go through the left path as you start. Beware of the falling rocks whilst taking the elevator shaft. Follow the trail and enter the water. There is a huge dinosaur swimming in the water and to ride it you will have to stomp with A+Z. Climb to its head and it will swim to the direction you face. The star is on the island in the middle.

Star 2 & 3: Red Coins/100 Coins!

The red coins can be found by going on the path to the right. Avoid the flames and the spiders while looking for a special door with a sun and a star. Enter and you will see a long pole, which Mario has to slide down on. There is a platform on the top of this area which features four arrows. Press them and destroy the blocks; the red coins are all scattered around this room.

Secret Castle Stars, the Green Switch:

Follow the path to the left on level 6. Get to where the dinosaur was lurking and climb onto it once more. There are metal dual doors at the south part of the cavern, so ride to them and get into the puddle (a sub stage). Grab the red coins! There are four under water and four above. The green switch is highly visible and cannot be missed. Now return to the stage!

Star 4: The Green Cap!

Get to the underground lake again and grab the metal cap. Dive into the water and then press the switch. Enter the door covered by the opening gates and jump forward into the star.

Star 5: Tasty, Tasty Venom!

Go to the red coins area and enter the hazy maze. Follow the maze and find the moles. From there go to the right and locate the lonely mole. Advance until you find stains on the wall. Get to the elevator nearby and climb it to reach the treasure.


Enter the haze maze and follow the same path as before. Jump on the space before the stains on the wall, go through the path, climb the ceiling and there you will find the star. Alternately, it is possible to simply jump into it with a leap of faith from the rocks room.

Star 7: Easy One!

Avoid the incoming boulders, kick the wall and jump up to the platform to get the star.

Lethal Lava Land:

Star 1: Don’t Be A Pushover!

This world is small and it will not take that long to travel through it. Follow the obvious path and you will find yourself at a bridge. Pass through the eye and the Bowser puzzle whilst avoiding the little bullies. Get to the wooden bridge to locate a huge platform with a single big bully on it. Hit it until it burns in the lava and then get your well-deserved star!

Star 2: Burn Them All!

Go back to the big bully but just pass through. There is a little cage shaft that will take you to the island nearby. Here are three bullies, so burn them down as you did earlier and then focus on the big bully.

Star 3: 8 Red Coins!

Run to the Bowser puzzle and grab all the coins. Easy as pie!

Star 4: Rolling Rolling!

Follow the path to the right and avoid the bullies. Keep moving right and then get to the grindy shaft. Avoid the flames while finding the huge log. Climb it and keep rolling to reach the star. You can also fly to this star with the red brick nearby.

Star 5: Enter the Volcano @ 100 coins!

Grab as many coins outside the volcano as possible (no less than 80). Enter the volcano and head left. Keep climbing to grab your 100 coins and your shiny star, along with yet another one at the top.

Star 6: Hot-Foot-It Into the Volcano!

Once inside the Volcano, the passage towards the Star is impossible to miss. It is situated on a platform after the poles.

Star 7: Another Volcano Star!

Get to the volcano again and follow the trail that goes to the right. Ride the elevator and then get to the final destination of this level. A flamethrower has to be avoided in order to pass.

Dry, Dry World:

To get to this level, simply climb down where the lethal lava land level is located. Here you will find a wall to the right which is actually fake. Enter to reach this world!

Star 1: Kick Some Bird Butt!

Grab the bouncing block and follow the path to the big pyramid. On top of the structure near the star marker is a yellow brick with a koopa shell. Surf through the stage, climb one of the pillars and hit the bird carrying the star.

Star 2: On top of the Pyramid!

Get Mario the red cap and fly to the top of the pyramid. The star is very visible.

Star 3: Inside the Ancient Pyramid!

Take the red cap again and fly to the pyramid. You may also surf through the level and get into the pyramid through the other side if preferable. Walk up the pyramid, but try to avoid the thwomps. What are you waiting for? Grab the star!

Star 4: Mano a Mano!

Guide our plumber friend to the koopa shell or the flying cap to reach the four pillars. Grab the coin there for a better reference. The top of the pyramid will fly away! Jump to it and get into the pyramid by accessing the top. You will have to face two huge hands. Hit their eyes to defeat them both!

Star 5 & 6: The Red Coins/100 coins!

1: At the start of the level, just go back and grab it.

2: At the star marker structure.

3: At the cubes area.

4: At the oasis.

5: Among the pillars.

6: Among the pillars.

7: Among the pillars.

8: Among the pillars.

Star 7: The pyramid secrets!

Get inside the pyramid and reach the top where the third star was. Now you will notice that there are some small steps. Grab the coins to unlock secrets! Find five of them by following the sandy path and get the star at the end of it!

Castle Secret Stars:

The golden rabbit will appear in the basement once again. Catch it a second time and get your secret star!

Dire Dire Docks:

Head to the door in the basement with the big star on it. Here you will see a huge wall of water. Dive into it to reach the Dire Dire Docks!

Star 1: Bowser’s Subby!

This level is almost entirely made out of water! It is quite short, but it can become slow due to an extensive amount of swimming. As you swim through the only trail you will get to the other side of the stage. Eventually, Mario will locate Bowser’s Sub. Move to the platforms and find the switch. Climb the blocks and the star will be on top of the sub.

Castle Secret Stars:

Defeating Bowser in the Lava World:

After obtaining the star from Bowser’s sub you will find a passage that leads to the Lava World. This stage can be quite tricky due to all the risks of being burned.

1: After the first section, follow the wireframe and get the red coin.

2: After the pole, on the see-saw platform.

3: After climbing the pole, on the topmost right corner.

4: Under the elevator, on the cage where you got the last coin.

5: At the top, with the bully.

6: At the elevator section, third floor.

7: At the section where the lava goes up and down, near the flamethrowers.

8: Above, before getting to Bowser’s Pipe.

Bowser, Second Encounter!

This time Bowser will move the world underneath the both of you. Wait until Mario’s slide is in motion, grab his tail and throw him into a mine. One hit will do the trick, just like last time.

Star 2: Chests Again!

Near the current you will find four chests. Open them and the star will appear. Be careful, if you open the wrong one Mario gets hurt and will have to start over again!

Star 3 & 4: The Red Coins/100 Coins!

All the coins are where Bowser’s sub was. Remember there are coins at the bottom of both sections.

Star 5: Jet Streaming!

Get back to Bowser’s Sub again and move towards the jet stream. Let five of the rings pass through, grab a green cap and let Mario fall down elegantly into the stream and finally – the star.

Star 6: The Manta Ray Reward!

There is a huge manta called Ray in this stage. Chase it and go through the rings it leaves. After getting through five of them you will obtain a star!

Star 7: Collect the Caps, Chapter One!

Get to Bowser’s Sub one final time. There is a platform with a green and a blue brick. Grab the transparency cap, then the metal cap and fall down to the bottom. Here you will see a caged star which is yours to take.

Mario has now gathered 74 Stars! From this point we can finish the game, but will then get the bad ending (and we don’t want that)!

Snowman’s Land:

Now that you have the key, head upstairs and get to the princess mirror room (it is a door with a star). There is a huge mirror here; you will see the entrance on the left side of the area.

Star 1: Avoid the Winds!

This snow world is really fun to play! Keep moving to the right and get to the chilling lake, but never touch it as it acts the same way as lava. Find the wave maker and jump through it. Follow the path and you will find a penguin. Use it as a shield to avoid the snowman from blowing you (hehe) and then climb to its head and take star.

Star 2: Pushovers, Revisited!

Find your way through the right side and eventually you will find an ice squared arena. An ice bully will be on top, defeat it and claim your star.

Star 3: Icing Igloo!

On the left side of the stage as you start there is an ice structure. Head inside and climb to the top. Drop in the hole above to receive your star.

Star 4: Freeeeeeezing Pond!

Get back to the wave maker again and step on a flower spinner. Keep moving forward and there will be two yellow bricks; one contains a koopa shell and the other a star. Grab it!

Star 5 & 6: Red Coins/100 Coins!

1: On the path to the right side as you start.

2: On the path to the wave maker.

3: Above, after you take the koopa shell.

4: Above again, at the koopa shell.

5: Above, on the path back to the chilling lake.

6: Above, on the path back to the chilling lake.

7: Underneath the bully.

8: Underneath the bully.

Tip: There are coins inside of the igloo; you will need the blue cap to get them.

Star 7: Igloo Spelunking!

Go to the wave maker and then move above it. This time, instead of going to the snowman head, jump to the left and you will find some coins. Follow that path to find an igloo. The star is inside, but you will need the blue cap.

Wet Dry World:

This world’s water level depends on where you enter the stage. If arriving at its lowest, the stage will be totally drained, but if you enter at its highest, it will be full to a level you could not normally reach. This can save you a lot of time for some of the stars. Try to sneak in at the top since the water levels can be lowered quite easily once you are inside.

Star 1: Shocking Mario!

Get the water level at its highest available and then swim straight near the cage to lower it once. Return to where the cannon is situated and you will find a yellow brick, which contains a you-know-what.

Star 2: Top of the Town!

Start with the water level at its highest, go forward and get on the structure where the throw-omb is. Head to the floating plank and pass the rotating platform to reach the star.

Star 3: Secrets!

There are five secrets in the town…

A: Where you set the water level to the topmost structure, there is a yellow brick with coins. Here is a secret.

B: Underneath that, there is a box. Move it to find another secret in the yellow brick.

C: There is one above the cage. You reach it by pushing the switch and climbing the boxes.

D: Move the box that is near the cannon. There is a secret behind it.

E: Push the box that is near the blue switch. The last secret is there.

Star 4: Elevator Going Up!

Start with the water on its lower level for this one. Climb through the buildings to get where the red switch is and then drop down. Break the box and enter the cage. Kick the walls and go to the elevator to get this star.

Star 5 & 6: Red Coins/100 Coins!

Adjust the water level to the top, and swim forward, then get into the cage and move through the hallway. Mario will soon reach a nice town. Get the red coins above and then lower the water level. Take all the coins here that are inside the boxes on top of the buildings and then you may return to the other side of town to get the remaining coins.

Star 7: Collect the Caps, Revisited!

Quick race through down town, lower the water level and get the blue cap. Press the red button and then run as fast as you can to the cage. Pass through it and get on top of the block. Kick the walls in order to get to the top of the cage.

Tall Tall Mountain:

Star 1: Climb the Mountain!

Start off strong, get back and you will see a 1-up! Jump into the wind breeze and it will take you up to another platform. Follow the path to the top of the mountain and a star will soon be visible.

Star 2: Monkey Business!

Get to the top of the mountain again. There will be a monkey that you will need to familiarize with and eventually it will help you to open a cage that contains a star.

Star 3 & 4: Red Coins/100 Coins!

1: After the log bridge, on the ledges.

2: On the ledges.

3: On the ledges.

4: On the ledges, this is where all the moles are.

5: On top of the giant mushrooms.

6: On top of the giant mushrooms.

7: On top of the giant mushrooms.

8: On top of the giant mushrooms.

Tip: You can enter the slide right after the blowing wind cloud to get the 100 coins. This route will make sense after getting the first four red coins.

Star 5: The Secret of not doing the Secret Slide!

Mario has already gone through the slide on the right side of the mountain. Let’s not make him go again. Use the air current to get to where the throw-omb is. Jump, kick and tilt your stick to get this easy star or just go through the slide once more if you wish.

Star 6: Breathtaking View!

Climb to the bridge. There is a star up for grabs here. Crawl a bit higher, press the switch and return using the blocks.

Star 7: The Lonely Mushroom!

Get to the roll log bridge where the first monkey is and stomp on the shy guy. Float down to the lonely mushroom. It is much easier this way and way more fun!

Tiny-Huge Island:

Nostalgia blast, engage!

Star 1: Plucking Piranhas!

Get started by going to the right. The giant world is huge. Pass through the lake and then follow the windy path, head inside the tube and follow the path to the left to activate the cannon. Once this is accomplished, go above and trail the falling cannon balls until you see the source. Get inside the tube underneath (not the one next to them) and kill the piranha plants to claim your star!

Star 2: Tip Top Tip!

Start on the tiny world by going to the left frame. Climb to the tube next to the source of the cannon balls. Crawl to the top of the island and there will be a yellow brick with the star inside.

Star 3: Koopa the Quick, Final Round!

Find Koopa the Quick on the huge island right around where the cannonball source is. Talk to him and he will challenge you to yet another race. 21 seconds later you will be on the windy bridge and Koopa will hand over the star.

Star 4: Small secrets!

There are 5 secrets all around:

A: The cannonball source.

B: The top of the island.

C: The other side at the start.

D: The cannon.

E: Entrance to the Wiggler Café.

Star 5 & 6: Red Coins/100 Coins!

All the coins are amassed inside the mountain on the huge island. Get there and grab them. The blue switch only has 10 coins, so do not rely on it to get to the 100 coins!

Star 7: Make Wiggler Squirm!

Get to the top of the tiny island full of water, stomp on it with A+Z and then go back to the huge island. Get to the top of the mountain and drop down the hole you just created. Wiggler will be inside and he is mad! Stomp on him three times to get the star.

Castle Secret Stars:

Toad on this level has a star. Ask him nicely and he will hand it over!

Toad on the level above where the clock is has the other one.

Tick Tock Clock:

The closer to the hour Mario enters this level, the faster things will get. If you enter right on the hour, everything in the stage will stop, so use this to your advantage. All stars are reachable when the clock is at an exact time.

Star 1: Roll into the Cage!

Follow the path of the pendulums, ride the boxes and avoid the blocks. Skip the hand and you will be nearby. Use the rotating platforms and to finally get the reward.

Star 2: The Tale of a Red and Blue Plumber!

Follow the path to get to the cage and pass by the star. You will eventually come to a section in where a pole is situated. Climb it to get a 1-up and pursue the trail forward and then you will see a pit and the pendulums, along with the star.

Star 3: Take a Hand!

Head to the rolling cage, jump underneath and the star is there. For a more conservative method, simply wait for the hand and it will lead Mario to the same place, eventually.

Star 4: Stomp on the Thwomp!

Go back to the pole where you receive the 1-up, but instead of advancing into the pendulums, simply go up and use the blocks to continue with the stage. Climb the path to the left as well as the rotating blocks. Follow the conveyor belts and keep moving forward and you will eventually find the thwomp! Get the hand, climb on the conveyor belt and stomp on the blue brick. The star is just above.

Star 5: The Moving Bars Saga!

Once again, get to the place where the 1-up pole is and climb up. Instead of going to the left this time, go to the right. Just above the pendulums, there will be some pushing bars. Time your jumps on them and roll into a new cage above. The star is there for you to take!

Star 6 & 7: Red Coins/100 Coins!

Enter at the full hour. The coins are on the opposite side of what we have been going during this walkthrough. Get the 8 red coins and the star without any problems. The 100 coins are really easy if you get to the top of the stage and move downwards. There is a blue switch in the pit and pendulums area containing 35 coins.

Rainbow Ride:

Star 1: Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

Get on the carpet! Follow the rainbow and you will get to three rotating platforms where two other carpets waiting. Take the one on the left and Mario will eventually reach a flying ship. Get on board and the star will be very visible.

Star 2: Time to Hit the Big House, Mario!

Follow the same path as before, but this time ride the carpet on the right and you will come to a really huge house. Avoid the flames and remember that you cannot switch a lakitu camera in this case. The star is on the roof.

Star 3 & 4: Red Coins/100 Coins!

The coins are situated all together in the maze that you can reach from the rotating platforms after taking the second flying carpet. It is very easy to get them. The 100 coins are not as difficult as you might think. It is not even necessary to go through the ship above or the big house to gather all of them! Make sure to activate the cannon though!

Star 5: Swinging in the Breeze!

Do not ride any carpets for this one. Turn around and make a long jump to the pole, stomp on the shy guy and float to the swing. Ride it and follow the path upwards to the next swing.

Star 6: Tricky Triangles!

Simply go through the same trail as with the previous star, but instead of going to the swing above, advance forward. Press on the red switch and ride the triangles. The star is above for you to take.

Star 7: Bye Bye Worlds!

Make a wish, the star is somewhere over the rainbow. Over the years many retro gamers have tried to reach this place without the aid of a cannon. It is impossible! Just activate the cannon, get to the flying ship and shoot yourself onto the pole on the island.

Castle Secret Stars:

There is a level right across the Rainbow ride. It is a secret level that contains 8 red coins, along with a bunch of cannons and red caps. Get the coins here without any problems and we are almost done with Mario 64.

Bowser in the Sky:

Go back to the huge star door in the middle and climb the former endless stairs. Dive into the hole and the sky world. There are eight red coins here that will reveal star number 120.

1: At the start, move the box to get the coin above.

2: On the pathway, where the piranha plant is.

3: Underneath the spinning platforms.

4: On the summit of the pegged path, right after the flamethrowers.

5: By the wooden obstacles.

6: Next to the flaming and rotating platform.

7: By the pole in the middle of the moving platforms.

8: Right underneath the pipe to bowser.

Obtain the last star in Mario 64 and feel proud of this! Now it is time to kick some lizard-dragon-monster Bowser.

Final encounter with Bowser:

This Bowser is a little tougher than the other battles with him. Make sure to avoid the flames which are the biggest threat. Defeat him just as you have defeated him before. Grab his tail and throw him onto a mine. The second time he explodes he will destroy most of the scenery underneath, forming a star. Beware! Do not fall! If the fire burns you, wait for him to drop flames above as coins will come out to heal you. Throw Bowser three times and Mario 64 is completed! Enjoy the classic ending credits from Nintendo. Once it is done, get out of the house to get some air. You will need it!


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