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April 2, 2012

Few things can be compared to the feeling of riding a triangular ship and listening to the exploding sound of Asteroids! Back in 1979, vector games where in high demand and Atari knew this. The creation of Asteroids was such a big hit that Arcade Operators had to place bigger coin boxes in their machines due to the large amount of quarters spent. Asteroids quickly became one of Atari’s bestselling games of all time.

In the game the goal is to survive waves of incoming asteroids by destroying them. The ship can be moved using a joystick and lasers are fired to split the asteroids into pieces until they are totally gone. In the original version, the ship will drift away if the player does not change direction. It can be rotated by using left or right on the stick and speed up by pushing up. Asteroids continues until all lives are lost and the high score is then saved.


There is a special function that makes the ship go into hyperspace and then re-appearing in a random spot on the screen. This is very risky at times, as it can land on an asteroid and be destroyed. However, sometimes a gamble is the only way out of harm. The screen is wrapped around the edges, so if an asteroid disappears on the left side of the screen, it will appear on the right side.  Beware of the occasional UFO that will start shooting in random directions.

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