May 24, 2012

Deeds of Yore

Deeds of Yore is an entertaining and sarcastic web show that focuses on classic video games and the adventures that a player normally faces. The main character David Grigsby lost his girlfriend one morning after an all-nighter of Commodore 64 (don’t worry David, you are not the only one). In order to remedy his newly acquired depression, he went to the video game store to buy a new game to take his mind off things. Little did he know that this was actually a magical game. After putting in the floppy disk, David was suddenly transformed into his Commodore 64 and from this point on, he has to complete all the levels in order to escape.

To fully capture the classic years of the 80’s, the team behind Deeds of Yore has built something unique. The set is made out of 80’s posters of models, the clothes and mainly the Commodore 64 are all ingrediens to create a sense of retro feeling for the viewer. There are TV shows and there are retro shows. Deeds of Yore is definitely something to keep your eyes on, as it has great potential and hopefully we will see more from Ostrog Productions and their contributors in the future.

Watch the first episode here:

Deeds of Yore

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