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December 10, 2012

Svea Rike

Based on a popular board game, Svea Rike was released in 1997 by Paradox Interactive, Korkeken and Levande Böcker in order to educate Swedish history to the country’s citizens in a fun and exciting way. Although Svea Rike is completely in Swedish, the game deserves a huge mention as it

August 26, 2012

Gunstar Heroes

In their crusade against the evil dictator Grey, the Color Army sets out to prevent him from turning their own brother in arms Green against them. In order to restore balance to the world, the player must collect all the mystical gems to avoid the minions of planet G-9 from

August 17, 2012

MegaMan X

After a number of outstanding MegaMan games on the NES, Capcom brought us MegaMan X which is a little twist to the beloved series including a fresh story set up in the future. The controls are upgraded whilst the acclaimed in-game music and level design make MegaMan X an awesome