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January 28, 2013


A growing maze of colorful mushrooms combined with pouncing spiders that accompany a menacing Centipede are all obstacles that face the player in this intense Classic game. Those good old sounds together with a relatively fast-paced gameplay hypnotized both kids and adults at the arcade halls in the 80’s.  Centipede is quite challenging

July 26, 2012

Space Invaders

The year is 1978; teenagers and young adults are coated in the culture of space movies in the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek. Something great was emerging and it was born in an arcade cabinet which was developed by Taito. Space Invaders was one of the first shooting

July 2, 2012

Missile Command

A trackball along with three buttons do not seem like much to most gamers nowadays, but for the core retro enthusiasts, these were the primary defense controls against incoming havoc! Missile Command was one of the many innovative games by Atari and was released in 1980. It featured simplistic gameplay,

April 2, 2012


Few things can be compared to the feeling of riding a triangular ship and listening to the exploding sound of Asteroids! Back in 1979, vector games where in high demand and Atari knew this. The creation of Asteroids was such a big hit that Arcade Operators had to place bigger