December 13, 2011

About Us


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Core of the Pixel is a site for all the gamers out there that want to re-live those nostalgic gaming moments from the past. We are small group of guys that enjoy to play video games and to discover obscure ones that only a handful players have heard of. No matter what genre or system, we are always on the lookout for classic games that have the ability to glue the individual to his/her controller for hours. As a general and distinctive guideline, Core of the Pixel only posts retro games that are released before the twenty-first century. Everything beyond this point we consider too modern to be symbolized as classic, retro, or vintage. So dust of your good old gaming system in the closet or under the bed and join us in the discovery of well-known and hidden nostalgia.


The name Core of the Pixel (COTP) signifies a specific era of time where the games had a different kind of personality in comparison with the games that are released today. We would probably lie if we say that they were better back then, but with a kid’s imagination combined with a benign obsession with a game, which has a much simpler design than the entertainment that is produced nowadays, the gaming experience is much stronger. Many players would most likely agree that the games played as a child or teenager are the most memorable ones. This is something that we at Core or of the Pixel want to convey to the entire gaming community! To do this we have started recording classics and dug out some interesting information about them. If you got stuck in a game at one point in the past, there is a good chance you might find the solution to that riddle on this site.

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